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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Fantastic World of Yimmy Yayo


Alexander Rodchenko

Polaroid Collages by David Hockney

Out of Print: A Digital Exhibition

By David James

Drawings And Water Color Paintings

By Adolf Hitler



Kate Doody: Tracing the Wake

Kate Doody: Tracing the Wake

Foreman Gallery, Hartwick College

I think that it is very interesting that the artist synthesized concrete and more traditional forms in her sculptures with more abstract concepts. I like the "topographical" map of her body and face; the pieces work well because they tell the story of our body from an alternate being's perspective. I do not see her as "human" in her Index/Reflex series. Maybe the result of the exercise is to see "gods view" of our faces and bodies? I also like her "comedy" and "tragedy" pieces. Again, Doody mixes the abstract and concrete together- sound waves exist and we read them like maps on our computer. What do those maps tell us about sadness and happiness? The digital photographs of Doody's impress and interest me. I love the reoccurring colors of silver, black and orange throughout her work. The photographs to me are very serious and stern in their presentation. The viewer is forced to approach these images closer because they beg for exploration.