Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fenimore Art Museum: Magnum Photographers Exhibit

"In Our Time" The world as seen by Magnum photographers is an exhibit currently running at the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown, NY.

There are so many phenomenal, amazing photographs in this exhibit that it is difficult to write about just a few. My favorite image from the exhibit is Christian Falangist Fighter, Beruit, Lebanon taken in 1978 by Raymond Depardon. This photograph captivates me because of the first-person point of view in which it is taken. I feel as if I am beside the man with a gun, following him into a fierce, guerilla-style battle. The landscape is war torn and run down. I like the motion blur from the man's feet and the bluriness at the bottom of the photograph- it gives me the feel that I am moving alongside the soldier.

Castro Giving a Speech En Route to Havana. Cuba 1959. I feel that this photo truly gives the viewer a glimpse into Castro's regime at the time of the revolution in Cuba. The way that the photo is composed is very symbolic of the power that Castro had when he spoke. At the bottom of the photograph we see his foot soldiers with machine guns, then as we move up we see the Cuban flag and Fidel with his right hand officials and a man with a video camera. This is indeed a very iconic photograph of the Castro Regime, socialist Cuba, and the struggle for revolution in 1959.

Leonard Freed.

I really like Leonard Freed's work, in particular the feature he did on Israeli Hasidic Jews in the 1970's. My favorite photograph from this feature is the photo of the Rabbi and his pupils. I love the image because of the silhouette that is cast from the Rabbi's long hair onto the wall. It is a beautiful image that truly has no indication of what time or era it exists in.

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